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Say Hello to "The Headlocks". Staten Island's newest jam band.

I was recently introduced to a folk-rock band called The Headlocks and i'm so glad for this introduction because these guys make some really amazing music. I'm a huge fan of live/folk music and a lot of the songs made by these guys easily fits that description. These guys have a really amazing layered sound that is missing from a lot of new music nowadays. Many would classify The Headlocks as a "jam band" and you definitely get that vibe in a lot of their songs from their latest album because it just feels like these guys really enjoy jamming out together. They have amazing vocals that are backed with a great group of instrumentalists.

One of the best things about this band is they have such an eclectic choice of music that they play. In one song you may hear rock mixed with folk mixed with a little soul sprinkled with some blues and it all sounds great mixed together. The track that sticks out the most to me right now is "Amen to Good Charles" which is a great lively song that wont disappoint if you are in the right mindset and ready to enjoy some light-hearted music. The Headlocks just recently released their debut album entitled Cuckoo Bird and below are a few of the tracks that stood out to me the most. Check them out and check out the bands website and myspace for more.

      07 Made Of Fire
Download: The Headlocks - Made Of Fire

      11 Amen Good Charles
Download: The Headlocks - Amen Good Charles

Album Details:



  1. Me or You
  2. Driving In The Dark
  3. Shelter
  4. Freeze the Frame
  5. The Round Up
  6. Ways and Means
  7. Made of Fire
  8. I Freak Out Too
  9. Out In The Sun
  10. The Watcher (All the World's At Play)
  11. Amen Good Charles
  12. Another Flood
  13. It's a Wonderful Life

Acoustic · Folk · Rock · Soul


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