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If Robots Don't Have Sisters (Then What Did I Just Fuck?)

I fucked the pooch is what.

I've been away, trying to make some bank and feed the horse - You know how it is. I'm going to start slow as I work my way back into the cycle and well... I'm going to hit a bunch of the submissions that I've been rocking in heavy rotation but haven't given any love.

Robots Don't Have Sisters is one guy (as far as I can tell), who did a bunch of spinning in Montreal, Canada and now floats around the Mexico Electro scene.

Much of his work sound like solid rocks in a block bass bleeding set. If your going to be spinning sometime soon, consider dropping some R.D.H.S into the mix.

Download: Robots Don't Have Sisters - Kraken

      That's Right
Download: Robots Don't Have Sisters - That's Right

      Prayers Remix
Download: Robots Don't Have Sisters - Prayers Remix

      Housi (Robots Don't Have Sisters Remix)
Download: Les Petits Pilous - Housi (Robots Don't Have Sisters Remix)

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