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LCD Soundsystem - Bye, Bye, Bayou

People have been waiting to hear more LCD Soundsystem for almost 3 years. Now, you get to. Their newest track "Bye, Bye, Bayou" is an 7 minute long epic that is a disco flavored remix/cover of Suicide member Alan Vega's 1980 track. It has a definite sexy feel too, something that kind of reminds me of Brooklyn funk/psychadelic rock band Chk Chk Chk (!!!). I think this is pretty much what we should be hearing from the new album, which is allegedly supposed to come out in March 2010, but I think we all know how these things go. The vinyl for this track drops on November 12, so you DJ's can go grip it and make some more disco infused crazy shit for us all to listen to. And hey, when you get done, Soundcloud those tracks to us. Maybe we'll write you up too. I'm hyped on this track right now. I also found this recording of them live in Manchester, and its really good quality, so I'm posting it also.


      Bye Bye Bayou
Download: LCD Soundsystem - Bye Bye Bayou

LCD Soundsystem - Live In Manchester

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