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Wale (ft. Pharrell) - "Inhibitions" & "Contemplate"

Wale graces us with 2 tracks via Twitter off his upcoming album Attention: Deficit which drops on November 10th. First track is called "Inhibitions (Let Loose)" featuring Pharrell. Second track is called "Contemplate," Wale actually samples Rihanna's "Question Existing on Contemplate" for this track. This version is pretty tagged up, and this particular cut was released by DJ Haze & DJ Capcom off their recent mixtape entitled Leaders of the New School, the untagged version will be on Attention: Deficit. On a side note.. Wale I love you, and I want you to succeed but you're killing me. Ever since Back to the Feature I've been having mixed feelings about my man, these tracks are decent.. but I hold Wale up to such high standards and neither of these meet those. I need my Seinfeld Mixtape Wale back asap.. yes? no? Either way check out the tracks below and enjoy:

Download: Wale - Inhibitions (ft. Pharrell)

      06 Can I Endure f. Rihanna
Download: Wale - Contemplate



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