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Suicide Sundaes - Week 7

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This week we bring you new dance pop from chromeo, a bunch of new bands from boys and girls you may not have heard of and of course more SS veterans like Audionite. I especially enjoyed the debut of Bobermann (Bob from Bloody Beetroots), and the Congorock :)


      We Are Your Kids (Tevar Mashup)
Download: MGMT vs. Justice & Simian - We Are Your Kids (Tevar Mashup)

      Snakes (Cooks DJ Stole My Modem Remix)
Download: Dead kids - Snakes (Cooks DJ Stole My Modem Remix)
myspace.com/youaredeadkids | myspace.com/deejaycooks

      Death Suite (Bobermann Remix)
Download: Erol Alkan & Boys Noize - Death Suite (Bobermann Remix)
myspace.com/boysnoizerecords | myspace.com/thebloodybeetroots

Download: FuckedUp! - Control

      06 Steam Machine (WrongMan's Austerlitz Rmx)
Download: Daft Punk - Steam Machine (WrongMan's Austerlitz Rmx)
myspace.com/daftpunk | myspace.com/manwrong

      01 More Than Friends (Congorock Remix)
Download: FUKKK OFFF - More Than Friends (Congorock Remix)
myspace.com/fukkkofff | myspace.com/congorock

      Darling (Audionite Remix)
Download: Popular Computer - Darling (Audionite Remix)
myspace.com/popularcomputer | myspace.com/audionite85


      Clara (Melechtric Remix)
Download: Alan Pownall - Clara (Melechtric Remix)
myspace.com/alanpownall | myspace.com/melechtric

      Jump Ft. Nelly Furtado (Designer Drugs Remix)
Download: Flo Rida - Jump Ft. Nelly Furtado (Designer Drugs Remix)
myspace.com/officialflo | myspace.com/nellyfurtado | myspace.com/designerdrugsclubmusic

      Mustard Pimp - Cherry (Feat Kali) (Mustard Pimp Dark Remix)
Download: Mustard Pimp - Mustard Pimp - Cherry (Feat Kali) (Mustard Pimp Dark Remix)

      Disco Check
Download: Nadisko - Disco Check

      Sleepyhead (Wake Up! Remix)
Download: Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Wake Up! Remix)
myspace.com/passionpitjams | myspace.com/wakeupdisco

      1-01 Night By Night
Download: Chromeo - Night By Night

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