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Kings of Convenience "Boat Behind" [Video]

This song makes me want to roll my windows down and roll down the beach line. I feel like it oozes summer, and now the video will prove it. In the video, the pasty white duo Kings Of Convenience road-trips all over, picking up some slammin' hot hitchhiker broads along the way. It really makes you zone out into the whole "road trip vibe", and makes you wish you could re-live that one long trip you took right after high school with your best friends. Maybe moving somewhere new, maybe just driving to get somewhere to drink and party with nobody watching.

The group has said that the video is made to promote hitch hiking, saying:

"People tend to be more afraid of letting strangers into their car than they are of climate change."

Next time I see a super fly hitch hiker, I'm stopping. These dudes know whats up. Enjoy

Kings Of Convenience - Boat Behind



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