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Golden Bug the Robot Kid

Antoine Harispuru a.k.a. D.J. Golden Bug recently sent us some tracks. So we took a listen.

Golden Bug makes a brand of "robot booty music" that definitely has one hell of a boom bap. I'm honestly a little confused on how to write this up simply because from song to song he tends to take on a different vibe. He goes from bass heavy hip hop lines to synth heavy electrohouse.

Golden Bug is from Paris, and his music is getting put out on a few different labels right now. I'm also posting up a few videos of his along with the tracks so if you haven't heard of him, you can get a feel for it. I dig it. You will too.



Download: Golden Bug - I Can't Stop


Download: Gloves - PYX (Golden Bug Remix)

Golden Bug- Bisco

Golden Bug - Disco Sensation


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