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Casey Veggies presents Customized Greatly Vol. 2

The long awaited Customized Greatly Vol.2 finally dropped yesterday ladies and gents. This is the second major project from the young up and comer out of L.A. I won't lie to you and tell that I have listened to it already, but you can rest assured that it is still worth the download. You may be asking yourself, "Why is this mixtape highly anticipated?" First off, have you listened to Customized Greatly Vol. 1 (if not, please do so before reading the rest of this post)? Secondly, is the realization of this guy's enormous talent. Casey, along with his long standing crew, who include Tyler the Creator, The Super 3!, Hodgy Beats and other various members of Odd Future stick to original and inventive beats, ill lyrics and most importantly being themselves. These guys love the art of hip-hop and that definitely bleeds through the music.

For being just 16 years old, Casey has an incredible work ethic as well; how do you think he is able to attend school, record and write music, and grab the ears and attention of listeners outside of L.A? Not bad kid... not bad at all. Click here for the Download. Keep reading to view album art and the It's All Good video.

Front album cover

Front album cover

Back Cover

Back Cover

Casey Veggies - It's All Good

Keep Listening.

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Fuck Em'
11 years ago

Tyler's new mixtape was wayyyy better then veggies. i was kinda waiting for casey veggies to start jumpin and it really wasnt that much, now tylers mixtape that was something to have and collect. ODD FUTURE is still the shit tho,
I hate gays, gang bangers and fuckin jerkers, unless its gay gangbangers that's fuckin jerkers..