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Brand New - At The Bottom

So I know it's not what we always do. And I also take into consideration not everyone will like it. But you need to check this out, because Brand New rips it so hard.

I'm seriously tempted to write up the entire history of Brand New, and explain to you why I like them so much. Unfortunately, I know the majority of you are not here to listen to Brand New. You are here to get you fill of some good hip-hop, electro, etc..., and we are happy to oblige. However, there are times when this particular Earmilk writer wants to write up something that is a little out of the status quo. This is the time for Brand new.

This song is the first track off of their newest album "Daisy" that I have been waiting for for a very, very, very long time. I found out about this band on their first album, "Your favorite weapon", and was hooked. They were slightly more poppy back then, but still brutal. When "Deja Entendu" came out, I didn't know if it could get much better. Then it did with "The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me". It's been awesome to see this band progress and get so much more serious and so much better over the years. Tickets for their show here in Orlando just went on sale today, and I could honestly not be happier. This tops off what was already an amazing start to a day for me.

So with that said, hopefully some other unsuspecting Brand New fan will come across Earmilk today and feel the same way. So stoked right now.



Download: Brand New - At The Bottom

Brand New - "Jesus" on David Letterman

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