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El Michels Affair - The 38th Chamber (Visual)

Brooklyn funk/soul revivalists El Michels Affair dropped an album back in April entitled Enter The 37th Chamber. The album was full re-interpretations of classic Wu-Tang tracks such as "C.R.E.A.M", "Heaven & Hell" and even songs by individual members such as "Cherchez La Ghost". While cover albums usually get no love, the band did an excellent job at re-interpreting the music without ruining its original integrity, and the album has been received well.

The Publics, a website dedicated to art/style/design awareness created this dope video, splicing together visuals from old, hip samurai flicks from directors Kihachi Okamoto, Masahiro Shinoda, and Nobuo Nakagawa. I think there might be some Akira Kurosawa in there somewhere too. The video is very creative and fun to watch regardless. Check it out for yourself below.

El Michels Affair - The 38th Chamber (Visual)

Keep Listening.

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