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New Dirty Projectors Video - Stillness Is The Move [MUSIC VIDEO]

If you haven't stumbled across Dirty Projectors yet, umm... you will. I am still on the fence with them (to be perfectly honest). I'm not sure if I 'get it' - call me square or nearsighted or nacy I don't care.

This Brooklyn 6-piece experimental indie folk band give off a Balkan Folk vibe (Balkan was popularized in our culture by the oh so godly Beirut). They also have something else...something that's a little poppy, mostly accessible, a little indie, and generally unexpected. The Dirty Projectors do not make songs that your accustomed to hearing.

Every track is a walk down an unbeaten path in the backwoods of some foreign country that supports mostly girl groups...

Here is the latest Video

Dirty Projectors - Stillness Is The Move

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