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Bibio - Ambivilance Avenue

The new album by Bibio, Ambivilance Avenue dropped on June 22nd, and it's so good to hear his music again. This new album takes his sound quality and voicings to a new level  that will make new Bibio listeners go back into his discography.

It has a very weird feel, thats gives a sense of something old. At some points I feel like I might be listening to an updated version of The Mama's and the Papa's, especially on "Abrasion". Then all of a sudden I think I'm listening to Daft Punk or Justice. It also has somewhat of an IDM feel that I think electronica listeners of all walks will appreciate.

I would download the tracks, give them a listen and chill a little bit. By the way and just for the record, this album sounds absolutely amazing on a good set of headphones. So if you got em', you know what to do.


Download: Bibio - Abrasion


Download: Bibio - Fire Ant


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