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[email protected]!n$ - Watch For The Sirens

[email protected]!n$ has released a track called "Watch For The Sirens" from his upcoming album entitled The Great Adventures of Dope Boy C: Dope For President. [email protected]!n$ hails from Brooklyn, New York. He's not your "typical rapper" or as he describes himself on his myspace:

I don't fit the typical rapper mode, I defy that whole stereotype. My style, my mind, my message, my music, I sit on a cloud only few can vision. I was never part of the in crowd, I made my own scene- the crowd wanted to be part of me. I am a walking enigma, I speak in colors and my music is the paint that I splash on the world. I will leave my mark

Download: [email protected]!n$ - Watch For The Sirens



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