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Island Style Reggae: Anuhea

Anuhea (real name: Rylee Anuheake'alaokalokelani Jenkins) is a reggae/r&b/pop artist that hails from Hawai'i. She's able to mix quite a few genres together for a smooth track. But you can definitely hear the island influence. Her debut album just came out this year and she's quickly moving up the charts. The album is self-titled and was released in April of this year. She has upbeat attitude...upbeat music and a beautiful face and you can't go wrong with that. Keep a look out for Anuhea because if you don't know her name now then you will. Also spend a few hours practicing how to say her middle name out of respect!(Anuheake'alaokalokelani!) Here's a few words from her about her music:

"My main goal as a music-maker is to inspire people to find their dream, whatever it may be,"
she says. "I just feel lucky that I've found my dream and am able to pursue it."

Here's a track called "Big Deal" from her debut album:

Anuhea - Big Deal

Anuhea - Big Deal [LIVE]

Coffee Talk Episode 2: "North Shore" with Anuhea for Kohana Coffee (Advertisement BUT cute nonetheless)

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