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Mike Posner - Kiss You Thru the Phone

To be honest.. I'm not even sure how we've gone this far without posting anything that related to Mike Posner, but that ends now. For those of you who do know Mike, then I'm sure you already love him.. but for those who don't.. prepare for a magical ride into ear delight. Earmilk pretty much loves and supports Mikes with everything he does.. we figured we went long enough without posting anything about Posner, so we decided to do a little recap of sorts. This is the newest song that Mikes released, its a remix of Soulja Boys "Kiss Me Thru The Phone," and obviously makes this song literally a thousand times better. Nothing short of dope.. but that can be said about pretty much every Mike Posner song.

Download: Mike Posner - Kiss Me Thru The Phone

Here's some older tracks from Posners first mixtape "A Matter of Time," which you can download below the songs:

Download: Mike Posner - Drug Dealer Girl

Download: Mike Posner - Who Knows (ft. Big Sean)

Download: Mike Posner - Cooler Then Me (ft. Big Sean)

"A Matter of Time"

a matter of timeDownload: Mike Posner Mixtape - "A Matter of Time"

You'll also be able to catch earmilk July 16th at the Mike Posner/Big Sean show at Scoop Orlando, look for us!


  • http://myspace.com/mikeposner
  • http://twitter.com/mikeposner


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