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Reggae Interlude: Macka B - Everybody Loves Bob Marley


Every now and then we want to throw in some classic reggae music. We do this because reggae can usually put you in a good mood pretty quickly if you really appreciate. A Lot of reggae has very chill tones while still covering deep topics. The reggae interludes that we bring you wont always be the "newest" songs. In fact, a lot of them will be classic songs but a lot of people still have not heard them. It's our job here  to expose you to new old things sometimes. The reggae track brought to you today is by Macka B who is a reggae artist that hails from Britain. He got started in the late 80's after he spent time in Jamaica. He has worked with many artists and is a legend of his genre. The track is called "Bob (Everybody Loves Bob Marley)" which is a tribute to the legend Bob Marley. Its a very playful song and I know you will enjoy it. Happy Aloha Friday!

Download: Macka B - Bob (Everybody Loves Bob Marley)



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