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Mackintosh Braun - Synthpop? Or Just Soothing Sounds?

If you are a fan of Air or The Notwist, you will dive into the (currently unsigned) Mackintosh Braun with the greatest of ease (as I did). This artistic electronic due of Ian Mackintosh and Ben Braun from Portland, Oregon has released their Debut LP entitled "The Sound", which all together may seem like a poor attempt to be mysteriously obvious, but this electronic music lover finds it reasonably suitable.

"The Sound", has a great focus on intelligent instrument arrangements, vocal processing, and progressions. Its been heavy flow in my rotation these days.

Their sound is so inspiring, an inspired blogger looks to be the creator of a set of 3d renders created off of the musical sounds of Mackintosh Braun. Lets show you a sample before we dive into the media.

Mackintosh Braun 3d Rendering


Download: Mackintosh Braun - I Wont Fall

I find myself craving "I Wont Fall" - and can you blame me? Its highly accessible chorus carries away a nights gloom like a warm body. Their lyrics speak of girls (surprise surprise), are mostly simple and sullen with  an "somewhere between me and you" theme.


Download: Mackintosh Braun - The Sound

The title track, and probably my favourite song on the album. Its chorus lyric "Dont you have everything you want.." gets to me every single time I listen to this gem.

A short fan (or maybe teaser) video:

(Video by: Davis Glen Lindsay)


Download: Mackintosh Braun - My Time

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Synth Pop


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