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Top 5 Unexepectedly Sick Music Scenes

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I was watching Glee for the second time and I found myself repeatedly rewinding the finale because it just blew my mind. It hit me that this isn't the first time this has happened.

Sure, its a show about music, but it came from nowhere or maybe I just wasn't expecting it to hit me so hard with a "this is amazing" feeling. So here is a list of the top 5 unexpected musical scenes in tv shows and movies that rocked my face off with their impressiveness.

1.Scope out Glee

I should lead with this because its the most recent one to impress the hell out of me. Initially I put the video in but decided I wanted you to watch the entire pilot more than just see a small part of it. Its amazing and available for free on Itunes to promote the show. So...go watch the pilot already.

2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Dracula's Song

I didn't even see this one coming. I knew from the first lines of this song that I was going to be a fan. A sympathetic Dracula that I actually feel sympathy for. Damn you Jason Segel for being so talented.

3. Step Brothers: O Sweet Child of Mine

A family singing O Sweet Child of Mine a cappella sounds weird when you think about it, but its fucking balling when you see it in action. From how damn impressive Tommy was to Derrick's showboating, I loved it.

4.Man Stroke Woman: Home and Away

Who knew Nick Frost had it in him? The first chick to sing was also fantastic. Its just a great scene that had no warning coming in the preceding skit. I immediately looked up the song after first seeing this episode.

5. Scrubs Musical Finale
My favorite part is the song in the middle. It's impactful because you didn't see them sneaking it in like they did. Incredibly sad and melancholy, and then they pull it back together.

Beautifully done.

Honorable Mentions
The All You Need Is Love song in Love Actually
Your Song from Moulin Rouge
Life Has Been Good To Me by French Stewart in 3rd Rock From the Sun



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