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Jason Anthony – "Phree Society" (Prod. by Evian Christ)


The artist formerly known as Jay Sinificance is back after a stint in jail which cost him a deal with Sony BMG. Now working under his real name Jason Anthony, the West Chester PA rapper has been working on new music independently since his release in 2012. His new mixtape is set to drop May 13 and as he repairs his career and works on Renovations, he’s taking a look at our culture with a rejuvenated approach in new track “Phree Society”. The Evian Christ produced beat sees Anthony continue to rhyme over electronically driven beats like he did as Jay Sinificance. The lyrical content of “Phree Society” is rooted deep in a critique of the corruptions of today, from Diddy’s drinks to the Kardashians to slave labour and chemically infected food.

“A room full of h**s but they’ slaves and you just doubting it, a sea full of lies that your mind’ just keep’ drowning in, you’ so hypnotized but you sigh at the sign of sin”

He’s got it all covered and while its ambitious to cram a ton of criticisms into four minutes and get them all understood, “Phree Society” feels fresh and avoids preachy territory. Jason Anthony achieves this through a clean mix, slick wordplay and his choice of the dynamic Evian Christ beat. While he prepares for “Renovations” with his new mixtape and new start, you can catch the determined rapper’s work by checking out his Tax Free series of releases, with the third volume penned in for January 28.



Jason Anthony

"Phree Society" (Prod. by Evian Christ)

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  • thank you I've always wanted to be on your site

    Jason Anthony January 15, 2014 8:27 PM Reply
  • thank you I've always wanted to be on your site

    Jason Anthony January 15, 2014 8:27 PM Reply

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