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Emil – Deadwood (Starkey Remix) [Radio rip]

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This track opened Starkey's mix for Mary Anne Hobbs this weekend, and he then released the radio rip on his Soundcloud. Normally, radio rips are a pain, since you've got to listen to those annoying radio DJs talking over your tracks, but Mary Anne Hobbs has one of the few voices whose interjections I welcome, so it doesn't really hurt that much that this is a radio rip. Starkey has a strange but likeable capacity to make tracks that manage to be both chilled out and heavy and Emil's vocals work well with Starkey's dark sound. He's a crowd pleaser for brostep aficionados and dubstep roots connoisseurs alike. This track will be available in full on Starkey's forthcoming B-Unique.

      Deadwood (Starkey remix)
Download: Emil – Deadwood (Starkey remix)



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