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An open letter to Apple

Dear Apple,

We all knew this was coming. While I might have tried to ignore it, yesterday you confirmed that indeed the new iPhone 7 models aren't going to have a headphone jack. Instead, they're going to come with wireless ear buds called "AirPods." Too bad you didn't land on "Air Buds," that would have been fun.

As a self-proclaimed audiophile, my disappointment with the new iPhone 7's audio accessories goes further than I predicted. Apparently the audio quality is great, and they stay in your ears. But I know how using ear buds affects our hearing. Because I go to a lot of live shows, I stay away from in-ear headphones, and always carry my earplugs with me. And what if I want to use a splitter to listen to music with friends on the train? It's also no secret that the Apple earphone shape isn't for everyone. What about those poor suffering souls? Their only alternative is to buy a USB pair of headphones made by Apple, that have the exact same contour.

I also know about the importance of enjoying music fully, and the rise of people playing music straight from their computers or phones without proper speakers. So I'll take the stereo speaker upgrade, but not without being able to use my own proper headphones. 

Granted, if you've ever seen Jobs or Steve Jobs, you'll know that this is just what you do, and other companies will adapt to be compatible with Apple products. Surely we'll see Bose and other companies incorporate a USB adapter to their headphone offering and expand their offering of wireless headphones. Mine are on-ear headphones by Sennheiser, if you want to prioritize companies who will follow your updates. Still, Mashable's Chris Taylor said it perfectly in his similarly toned opinion on the announcement:

And what has Apple done? It has eradicated the most successful, most widespread and best-sounding audio standard in the world in favor of its own proprietary system. 

I just want to know, what's the point of all of this? We aren't getting a better audio experience by using these AirPods. In fact, we'll probably lose them very quickly and have to pay a price to replace them (what if we lose the left pod? will there be left pod replacements?). And remember when the iMac came out in 1998? It was blasphemy to include the disc drive and all appropriate jacks all in one place, but it was innovative. You quickly realized both the leaps and boundaries this advancement made, adapting later models as such, so I can only ask the same for you as the iPhone 7 releases.

Apple, with the imminent release of the iPhone 7, I know there will be nothing I can do but adapt to your new ways. As I end this letter to you, I plead as I acknowledge that there is one huge opportunity that arises from this change:

Bring back the big iPod!

And if not, I guess is just means I'll have to get a pair of Sky Buds.



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