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The real star of Blade Runner 2049 is the soundtrack [Playlist]

Blade Runner 2049, much like all of the director's films, is a slow burn - like a pack of American Spirits slow.  It's not just the supreme direction of one of the best filmmakers working today, Denis Villeneuve. It's not just the prodigious visceral experience put on display by the greatest cinematographer of all time, Roger Deakins. It's not even just the subtlety and sophistication of the magnetic performance given by the film's lead, Ryan Gosling. It is in fact how Hans Zimmer (Lion King, Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean) and Benjamin Wallfisch (It, Dunkirk, Hidden Figures) skillfully tie each of these elements together through the film's incomparable score. Every scene, every piece of dialogue, and every performance are perfectly melded together by a connective fiber made up of the musical accompaniment. It's as if Zimmer and Wallfisch provide the perfectly cooked eggs to bring together the most delicious brunch omelet you've ever had - as the script and locales serve as the mushrooms, and spinach.  

The musical DNA transitions from subversive to abrasive precisely when needed. Void of cliche character themes and catchy melodies the somber tone Zimmer and Wallfisch construct thrusts the viewer into 2049's Los Angeles scenery without a single apology. Whether it's the use of synth horn crescendos to foreshadow a looming action set-piece or the futuristic melancholy chords during wide shots of gorgeous dystopian landscapes, these visionary composers prove that they're once again on top of their game. I mean, did they really ever leave. The feeling of the rain scene is felt through each drop of subtle piano chords, this is movie scoring at its finest. 

One might characterize the music as orchestral electronica with hints of ambient post-rock peppered in. Bottom line is Blade Runner 2049 is one of the best films of 2017. From the cabalistic soundscapes to the breathtakingly gorgeous scenery, the movie hits on every note. It is truly a one of a kind film-going experience and a unique tour de force not seen since maybe The Matrix but it's backbone lives in the sonic experience. Do your eyes, and especially your soul a favor and go see this movie in IMAX like NOW.

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