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Iconic albums that turned 10 in 2017

2017 was noted as one of the most complicated and frustrating in modern history, with much of the public focusing their attention on politics and social justice issues opposed to entertainment. 2018 is certainly a chance for a fresh start, but before the current year is done for good, take yourself back to a simpler time and wish some of the most iconic albums of our generation a happy 10th birthday.

In Rainbows, Radiohead

Widely known as the favorite album of many die-hard music lovers, there's a huge chance that you've rolled your eyes while listening in to the conversations of hipsters at craft beer bars as they come to the ultimate conclusion that In Rainbows is Radiohead's best work to date. In Rainbows sold over three million copies worldwide, received ultimate critical acclaim, ranked one of the best albums of the decade by numerous publications, and won a lot of prestigious awards, including two Grammys. Rolling Stone even added In Rainbows album to its list of the best albums of all time, so it's safe to say those hipsters are probably right.

Sound of Silver, LCD Soundsystem 

LCD Soundsystem, known for their alternative dance hits and insane live performances, have been relevant for a long time, but their most famous album might still be the one they released in 2007. Their sophomore album, Sound of Silver, is still spun at house parties and was met with widespread critical acclaim upon its release a decade ago. The album was nominated for a Grammy, amongst other awards, and was popped on the list of the best albums in the past 25 years by Entertainment Weekly. 

Graduation, Kanye West

It's no secret that Graduation is one of the most iconic rap albums of all time. Kanye West's experimental hip-hop took listeners to uncharted territory and sold nearly one million copies in its first week alone. Three of the five singles from the album became international hits and generated record-breaking sales, won a Grammy, is certified double-platinum, and is known as being the beginning of the merge of electronic music and hip-hop. You probably listened to this album on the way to high school, while you were drinking in your friends' basements, and maybe, ironically, the day you graduated college. Pull it out one more time for its 10th anniversary and relive the precious moments in your youth that were backed by the tracks of Graduation

Strawberry Jam, Animal Collective

Animal Collective, the experimental pop band that always keeps listeners guessing, released their seventh album Strawberry Jam in September 2007, where it charted on Billboard's top 200 and was met by favorable reviews from critics. While it wasn't the most monumental album of the year, Strawberry Jam is the cult favorite of fans of something a little more obscure. Singer and drummer Panda Bear wanted to make an album as synthetic, sharp, tangy, and sweet as real strawberry jam, and it's safe to say that it was accomplished. 

Cross, Justice

French house band Justice debuted with a bang. Cross is one of the most memorable compositions of electronic music to date, using over 400 albums as sample material and met with widespread critical acclaim almost immediately upon its release. Originally aimed at being an 'opera-disco' album, Cross won awards in the categories of electronic and dance and climbed international charts in the same categories. The bass is heavy, the beats are strong; in a time where mindless electronic album success comes quickly and turns irrelevant just as fast, Cross has withstood the test of time with an album so well thought out and pleasing that it's nearly impossible to forget. 

For Emma, Forever Ago, Bon Iver

You listened to this album when you got dumped, cried to it alone in your room, and begged your friends to listen to it, too. 'Skinny Love' became frustratingly popular online, with its lyrics the subject of Tumblr posts tattoos in the mid 00's. The album's tracks are haunting, with tracks as crisp as the air that singer Justin Vernon was taking in during his time of solitude Eau Claire during For Emma, Forever Ago's conception. The album topped the charts and is still a top-selling vinyl today. 

These albums have all turned 10, but are likely to stay in your music rotation for years to come. Celebrate these classics and their special anniversaries before it's too late. 



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