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Industry Insights: Amsterdam Dance Event - The dance music industry makes its' descent on the Dutch capital [Chapter 1]

Both splintering records while simultaneously fostering organic growth in global electronic music culture and development of community within the professional dance music space, Amsterdam Dance Event reached its’ culmination two Sundays past.  The Dutch dance music fairytale came to a close having hosted over 400,000 participants in the magic across its' 5-day running time from an all-time-high count of 150 countries. Over one thousand events took part in the tale, taking place at over 200 localities, offering everyone in participation the chance to take penmanship of their own memorable adventure through the Dutch capital's fable-like demonstration of dance music culture. 

We now follow up our previously scribed Prelude with the second of four installments to our account of the Amsterdam Dance Event fairy tale, the first chapter of the experience itself. This chapter sheds light on the professional atmosphere both influenced by ADE officials by way of the ADE by Day program, ADE Pro and the impact of conference at large.  Impending installments will include our coverage of the ADE by Night and ADE Festival program with an emphasis on the trance, progressive and techno event climates.  An epilogue will follow suit in conversation with a key event organizer who we believe is writing a new chapter in some of the most alternative and obscure events taking place at ADE. 

The abundance of opportunities within the dance music industry at arm’s reach, in-tandem with the sprawling city-wide music event experience that nothing short of engulfs the picturesque city of Amsterdam continues to make this happening unparalleled in the music climate at large - and once again deemed a dance music fairy tale for its 2019 iteration.The full cultural ADE By Day program bridged over 40 locations in the Amsterdam metropol, including the conference's main site De Le Mar Theater, sub-site, "ADE Hangout" and gear aficionado heaven De Brakke Grond and the rising-student-centric Generator Hostel. Kunstfort Vijfhuizen, ICK ZuidOost, Het HEM, Lab111, OSCAM and the Noorderkerk joined the main-sites as only a few of the many eye-catching locations that comprised the program. The French were given the spotlight this year, with France named the official focus country.  The current state of French dance was highlighted throughout the conference and festival programs, with China, Canada and Japan also receiving a due nod.  In addition, talent development and education also took center stage within a more comprehensive ADE Sound Lab program, ADE University, Beats Academy and the first ADE Writers Camp hosted by ADE Sound Lab and VondelCS.

The industry-centric component of the phenomenon also broke records, with the ADE Pro conference attracting 9150 delegates with 600 industry professionals speaking to their experience in the dance music industry.  Leagues of panels were hosted across ADE Pro at the conference's main site De Le Mar Theater.  Influentials across all sectors of the dance music industry from artists and their managers to marketing professionals, press representatives, journalists, booking agents, talent buyers, tech-gurus, production pros and beyond spoke about the current state of the industry, forecasting trends that project both to the next calendar year far into the next 5 years of dance music as we know it. 

De Le Mar's main-hub hosted the majority of the panels, with one highlight we observed being "The World According to Jose Woldring", where PR agency The Media Nanny's founder and CEO picked the brains of three other industry-elite's on topics of cultural relevancy, branding, social media, state of the media and more.  Aside from ADE official panels and events we accompanied Armada to the ASOT Studio for their annual ADE marathon episode, checking a dream-come-true bucket list item off for our trance-raised dance contributors, and attended an album listening session hosted by Armin van Buuren, with his latest album "Balance" available now following the culmination of the conference.De Brakke Grond, the secondary location to conference core De Le Mar is a secluded hideaway from the madness of Central Amsterdam where the official "ADE Hangout" served as the hub for attendees across all levels of involvement in dance music.  With those who sought a less-than-full scale, conference based By Day experience in mind, programming was tailored to the non-professional dance music consumers in attendance and the entry-level ADE Card pass was honored.  This is a key initiative in Amsterdam Dance Event's pursuits to reach the entire spectrum of dance music enthusiasts, curating an all-inclusive experience that spans degrees of industry involvement (or lack-there-of) while fostering organic growth in the worldwide electronic music community. Gear aficionados rejoiced as De Brakke Grond housed the commemoration of 100 years in electronic musicianship by way of the Museum of Modern Instruments (MoMI), a partnership with Novation and one with Pioneer DJ. These two gear goliaths showcased their latest equipment, held seminars, demonstrations and engagements that exemplify the precision of premier DJ and production technology.

Recently published by industry-leading gear and tech giant, the Pioneer DJ's ADE 2019 Insights are a comprehensive professional trend forecast compiled from gathered thought throughout the 2019 conference on projections for the dance music industry.  The ADE partner had a strong presence at this year's conference and Pioneer DJ live-streamed their showcase of revered DJ's on the Friday where we ourselves enjoyed the rhythms of Alan Fitzpatrick closing out the day's stream amongst new friends and a few beers.

Even the most heroic of the dance music Goliaths need to rest their bodies and minds.  With attention directed towards physical and mental health in dance music culture continuing to approach the forefront, ADE took preemptive action, with progressive organizers jumping at the opportunity to provide a place for weary ADE-warriors to rest their eyes.  We identify the ADE Zen Space, an impromptu cathedral-housed relaxation and meditation center located at The Waalse Kerk, as a serious demonstration of dedication to community sustainability.  The space even played host to a sold-out sleep concert early in the weeks programming.  We ourselves utilized the space well; in between hectic back-to-back meetings and industry functions the hour long shut-eye achieved prompted serious bodily recovery that enabled endurance that drove us well into morning hours.  Once facet of the Amsterdam Dance Event fairytale that defines the special experience is purely the atmosphere the event ignites throughout the city - the energy is irrevocably inescapable and the city becomes a professional breeding ground of opportunity.  The industry vigilantly connects with one another at scores of business-casual meetings both impromptu and pre-arranged via the ADE Delegates Database which spare not one of Amsterdam's spools of cafes or, of course, at either one of De Le Mar's designated delegate networking spaces.  Everyone in attendance thrives on the event's entrepreneurial spirit, with many of the professionals present to grow their emerging businesses, spark their startups, raise awareness and make themselves known within what is barely believable to still only be a niche of the music industry at large.  

It is a unique opportunity where everyone takes one another professionally seriously no matter how young or old to discuss current endeavors, future opportunities and build relationships in an equal-opportunity, level-playing field, and inspiringly comfortable setting.  The dance music space of the music industry at large is truly put to scale where you can appropriately measure how massive it can feel while still grasping its' intimacy, with the majestic backdrop of the strikingly beautiful city of Amsterdam setting the stage for the tale to unfold in unexpected, enthralling and reaffirming experiences. 

The dates for the 25th anniversary of Amsterdam Dance Event has already been confirmed for to span Wednesday, October 21st through Sunday, October 25th of 2020 and access to purchase next year's ADE Pass will become available for future delegates at the most economical tier on December 2nd, 2019.When the sun sets on Amsterdam, for one week in October the city comes to life instead of going to sleep. The next chapter of our coverage of Amsterdam Dance Event will delve deep into the trenches of the ADE Festival and By Night programs, peppered with accounts of events attended across the array of progressive dance, trance, melodic and percussive techno events that populated our own ADE schedules.  

EARMILK's scribes are tirelessly preparing impending installments of the tale - so stay tuned, enchantment ensured.

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