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The Prelude: Amsterdam Dance Event - The industry fairytale to-be comes this October 16th - 20th

Amsterdam Dance Event is a globally-spanning phenomena that takes place in the Dutch capital annually for five days in the third week of October.  Doubling as both a A-grade urban festival and the International European market-week of the dance music industry calendar, the occasion is set to overturn Amsterdam again from the 16th - 20th of October

From both fable and experience, the 5-day spanning event is held in high esteem as nothing short of a dance music fairytale.  The happening absolutely consumes the city in its' entirety - with not one of Amsterdam's squares spared from the bright yellow signage and people commemorating the occasion.

The festival-conference program is now in its' entirety available on the ADE website, and via this interactive program guide linked here. With a total of 2.500 artists, 600 speakers and almost 200 locations spread out all over Amsterdam, the 2019 program truly has something in store for everyone, fans and industry professionals alike.

By day, the three-day conference runs from Wednesday, October 16th through till Friday, October 18th, taking over the De Le Mar Theater as its hub by day where ADE Pro has been training the worlds' global dance music industry professionals since 1995. The makeup of the audience and panelists range from music professionals, aspiring and established DJs/producers and musicians, tech start-ups brand and marketing managers and even avid fans of dance music and culture.

ADE University, which caters to the educational needs of students, industry hopefuls and budding professionals, will host their program at traveler Mecca, Generator Hostel. The educational-professional climate that the event serves as a whole is the ultimate business and inspiration platform for the industry. While outside of the venue doors hundreds of meetings are happening all across Amsterdam where the next year of dance music is in the planning stages.  

By night, we see nearly every major label in dance music deliver showcases and especially, as of recent years, artists delivering their concept productions across Amsterdam's standout venues including Gashouder, Warehouse Elmenstraat, H7 & Houthavens, NDSM Scheepsbouwloods, WesterUnie, Shelter and De School - just to name a few of the nearly 200 venues comprising the ADE program.  There are scores of exceptionally well-curated events and too many to name - devise your personally tuned ADE plan of attack via the interactive program guide.

Passes to the conference are still available for purchase in numerous formats, with the two main offerings taking form as the ADE Pass and ADE Conference Passes. The Conference pass is available, including in its' cost access to ADE by Day's industry panels and networking events that are crucial to dance music industry professionals careers, and the full-coverage ADE Pass wristband is available providing access to the above along with the full variety of ADE-sponsored dance events via the ADE By Night program.  Other options are available for attendee's who wish to choose to attend single-events populating the festival or to engage with the citywide phenomena in whatever capacity they may choose.

As the happening draws nearer, EARMILK looks forward to covering both the ADE by Day program and the ADE by Night evening dance events.  Coverage of the fairytale to-be will come in chapters, so as the event proceeds keep your eyes turned to the site to get the inside details on the enchantment to come at this year's Amsterdam Dance Event.

Connect with Amsterdam Dance Event: Website | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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