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L.A.'s best kept secrets are putting their stamp on the DIY scene

When you think back to the last concert you attended at a mid to large size venue and the last DIY show you attended, which one stands out the most? If you're like me, the DIY show definitely left a more lasting impression.

Every city has their DIY scene. Some scenes are more developed than others, but each has a their own unique characteristics. Two members of L.A.'s DIY scene are creating memorable experiences while keeping it super casual. Meet Weber Rations and Make Out Music (MOM).

Weber Rations

Weber Rations, founded by Jack HS, is a concert series and DIY space in East L.A. "Weber has taken several iterations over the years but was mainly born out of a desire to catalog moments of purity in music under a central theme of presence," Jack shared. "I moved to L.A. in the fall of ‘16 and had this really transformative experience at the old Non-Plus Ultra. That basically jettisoned the whole thing." Jack is not only creating and hosting musical moments, he is also capturing them on camera. One of the coolest aspects of Weber Rations is that shows are filmed using a three camera set up. 

In discussing how Weber Rations fits into the larger L.A. scene, Jack said, "I hope it kind of fits in wherever it fits. I used to have fantasies, as many 90s kids do, about creating a space that transports you to some past, superior generation-- at first I wanted Weber to be this CBGB kind of place. But CBGB was CBGB, and this will be whatever it is." 

73 artists have graced the stage at the East L.A. warehouse space. Some of those artists include Quickly Quickly, Amindi K. Fro$t, j ember, Cehryl, Monsune, Winter, Daz Rinko, Maesu, Waju, BUS, and Richard Wright. Most of these artists performed at Weber Rations thanks to their good friends at Make Out Music.

Make Out Music

Make Out Music asks, "What is the most casual way you can hookup with someone without getting too involved?" This question leads to the meaning behind their quite interesting name. "The name came about because we are all about fostering an intimate vibe and keeping the setting pretty casual, as if the artists are just playing to a bunch of good friends."

Consisting of three friends - Geoff, Lucas, and Tim - Make Out Music is providing up-and-coming artists with a platform while creating a sustainable community. MOM definitely has the right idea in mind with a motto such as "bringing the music industry back to the musicians." 

Hosting almost all of their shows to date at Weber Rations, they've curated some of the coolest line-ups. From artists making their U.S. performance debut (j ember and Monsune) to showcasing local artists like Campus Security, Make Out Music is doing their part to keep artist discovery at the forefront of what they do. "All of the local promoters in this niche are pretty close and agree that we want to see great new artists grow and flourish," shared the MOM team.

If you are in L.A. and can catch a Weber Rations and/or Make Out Music show, do yourself the favor. As Make Out Music looks to expand in and outside of L.A., be on the lookout for a MOM show in your city in the near future.

Connect with Weber Rations: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram

Connect with Make Out Music: WebsiteInstagram | Facebook

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