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Quarantine Radio: The best station to never hit the airwaves

For nearly three weeks now, the world has done its best to come together to weather the storm as we attempt to desperately win a battle against COVId-19 by isolating ourselves inside. While there are heroes in the medical field working tirelessly to finally put an end to this global epidemic, the entertainers that bring joy to our everyday lives have also stepped up to the challenge. With that being said, one artist, in particular, has stepped up to the plate and that would be no other than singer Tory Lanez and his new series Quarantine Radio.

Using his animated personality, the Canadian singer has been able to become everyone's favorite quirky host as he steals the show with the everyday shenanigans he gets into with various celebrities and fans. At any moment's notice, you can be surprised with appearances from artists like DMX showing off his signature growl before cheering on a random IG model twerking in the passenger seat of a moving car. The next day, you can even find Young Thug explain how he's been avoiding the coronavirus. Whatever is bound to happen, you can be assured that you will be entertained and whatever you see is bound to become the topic of discussion for the rest of the day.

At this point, it seems that the world is tuning in every day as the singer has broken the single-day Instagram Live viewers record as over 300,000 people have been glued to their phone screens. Quarantine Radio couldn't have come to the rescue at a better time for us but the timing for it is even better for Lanez because of the momentum it has given him for the New Toronto 3 project that is scheduled to drop on April 10th. In the midst of setting social media ablaze, he's been periodically premiering music to build anticipation from the thousands of viewers with live snippets of new singles like "Do The Most" that was just released on streaming platforms this week. 

While most artists and record labels try to recuperate from the massive losses they've recently taken with numerous canceled live tours and performances, Tory Lanez has oddly found a way to capitalize by building his fanbase with his charismatic personality and still bringing a bit of joy to everyone quarantined at home.

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