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Top 10 Strains & Music Pairings of 2017

It’s 2017, weed is legal in California and we’ve just entered the year of the Rooster (Happy Lunar New Year)! Despite all of the political bullshit we’ve been viewing on the news, it’s time to throw your hands up in the air and wave them like you just don’t give AF. And to keep yourself balanced throughout the year, here are 10 strains you should try with fresh tunes that will compliment each vibe.

Strain: Stardawg

Song: "Trouble" by The Knocks

Mood: Best Combo for Dance Parties

It’s Friday, you’ve had a long workweek and the last thing you want to do is party. You’d rather ‘netflix and chill’, but you’ve already promised your BFF/ DJ that you’d go to his DJ gig, so you need to get up from your ass and onto the dance floor; fist pumping and everything. Never fear, Stardawg is here! Since Stardawg is a sativa dominate strain, you will experience an energizing jolt with a chase of vibrating warmth. Stardawg will surely keep you moving on the dance floor, as long as you don’t consume too much! And since your BFF is the DJ, you can request “Trouble” by the Knocks at the booth.


Strain: Wedding Cake (also known as Pink Cookies)

Song: “Electric” by Alina Baraza feat. Khalid 

Mood: Best for making babies

What do you get when you mix sultry music with a luxurious strain like “Wedding Cake”?

Pure ecstasy. This delightful treat tastes just as sweet as its name; it will leave you feeling tingly, relaxed and sexy. This the perfect strain to set the mood and allow Alina Baraz's sultry voice seduce you away. Want to go the extra mile? Add a few sprays of the cannabis infused aphrodisiac, Foria in the bedroom for her pleasure.


Strain: NOVACAINE OG (Instagram @headymonster_)

Song: “Who Else (feat. Andy Mineo)” by Social Club Misfits 

Mood: Chillin’, Relaxin’, Maxin’

Watch out. This one is FIYAHHHH! Novacaine OG is the familial genetic cross of Stardawg Guava and OG Diesel, (backcrossed 3 times). Be mindful when enjoying this extra dose of dankness, as certain labs have noted the THC content of this strain being 35.66%! This is exactly what you’ll want when you need to decompress or take a load off.


Strain: Deadhead OG

Song: “Go Back Home” by FKJ 

Mood: When you need to get shit done

It’s crunch time; a deadline is quickly approaching and you’re out of adderall. You desperately need get your shit done.  Deadhead OG can provide you with some of the most powerful concentration and focus. This hybrid strain offers a balanced mix of cerebral stimulation and mellowness, easing you into “hustle mode” at a smooth and manageable pace. Reviewers say one of the side effects of Deadhead OG is cottonmouth, so be sure to have plenty of water near by!

Alt- Song: “Awaken” by The Flight of Sleipnir (studies show Metal has the same mental effects as Classical)



Strain: Butter OG (Instagram @butterbrand_)

Song: “Rennan” by SOHN

Mood: Catching Z’s

True to its name, Butter OG has a smooth, buttery taste. This one should leave you feeling like melted butter as it relaxes muscles and relieves bodily aches and pain. Alongside the physical effects, Butter OG will tuck you in for you a good night’s rest. The indica-dominate traits make this strain better to use before bedtime because of its sedative effect.


Strain: Roadkill Skunk

Song: Sampha “no one knows me (like the piano)” 

Mood: Best for dinner parties and/or philosophical conversations:

Roadkill is known for giving a blissful buzz, without completely knocking you out. This strain would pair well at dinner parties and social conversations, since its effects bring euphoria and a sense of connection to one’s surrounding, which can also make this strain a great candidate for treating stress and anxiety.



Song: “Let Go” by Justin Jay & Friends Ft. Josh Taylor

Mood: Road Trips

This hybrid lives up to its name with a smell and flavor of over-riped bananas. Even though Banana OG has a reputation of being a “creeper”, it’s perfect for long road trips, as the high itself will take you on a personal journey while you’re driving cruise control and listening to some good vibe Justin Jay tunes. 


Strain: Gorilla Glue # 5 (Instagram @ggstrains)

Song: "81" by Yo Gotti

Mood: Ghetto Blasting

Gorilla Glue #5 (from Gorilla Glue Strains) is a potent hybrid that crosses Gorilla Glue #1 and Gorilla Glue #4.  GG #5 is known to make its consumers “lean”. With a strong diesel flavor, Gorilla Glue #5 delivers a dense buzz, so if you’re looking for something to pair with deep, hard hitting beats, keep this one on your radar.

(Not into Flowers? Try a trippy stix. They’re known for collaborating with some of the most popular rap stars in the game including Juicy J and 2 Chains.)


Strain: TITS now Sour Scout (Instagram @iccollective)

Song: You Don’t Get Me High Anymore Remix by Atrak & Phantogram 

Mood: Getting creative
T.I.T.S (stands for This-Is-The-Shit) is a sativa/ dominant hybrid that promotes mental clarity and creativity. If you’re designing a website or creating a vision board, this strain will enable you to get out of your own way, so you can channel your energy appropriately. As ironic as it sounds, A Trak's remix of “You Don’t Get Me High” goes perfectly with a chill-waved strain like T.I.T.S.


Strain: Pink Starburst (Instagram @headymonster)

Song: Damn by Trina Ft. Tory Lanez

Mood: Treat Yo Self

The indica-leaning hybrid is a boutique strain that taste as sweet as its name. It’s known to offer a buzz blended with euphoria and mental clarity. This luxurious strain will enhance indulgent experiences like shopping, popping bottles or flossing along the strip in Las Vegas. Add a glass of bubbly into the mix, and you’ll be in pure boujie heaven.


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