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Red Bull Batalla 2021 opens application phase

Ahead of the new season of Red Bull Batalla, Red Bull has officially opened up the 2021 application phase. Considered the largest Spanish freestyle rap battle in the world, the new season seeks to uncover some of the best talents in the country. Since 2005, Red Bull Batalla has created a platform for hidden talent to showcase their skills. Last year's competition was strongarmed by Mexico's own, Rapder. Going up against Puerto Rico's national finalist, Yartzi, the two put their improv skills to the test with Rapder ultimately winning the international finale. Kicking off on the first of the month, interested MCs can apply up through April 30th. 

Interested applicants can upload submit their freestyle video through the official Red Bull Batalla app. Following the application phase, the top MCs will move to the next round. Selected artists will compete in the virtual regional qualifiers on Twitch. Winners from the regional qualifiers will advance to the U.S National finals in September. Red Bull is expected to hold the International Final toward the end of this year. While artists gear up for the new season, check out last year's freestyle competition here




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