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Khroma Collective launch new capsule to raise funds for the NTIA

Khroma Collective — a collective made up of six of the UK’s most experienced event photographers — have launched a new series of images entitled Let Us Dance. Taking their title from the #LetUsDance campaign, the project’s aim is to raise awareness of the impact COVID-19 has had on UK nightlife. A collection of powerfully eerie images, the collection supplies a stark reminder of what the future might look like, if these spaces are not protected.

Two of the collective’s members and co-founders, Jake Davis and Rob Jones, have documented over 40 of London’s most treasured venues in response to their prolonged closure during the pandemic. Featuring shots from some of the cities largest venues to some of London’s most easily-hidden gems, each image was taken at what would usually have been opening time. Whilst images of the empty streets serve as a haunting reminder of what once was, they also remain places of hope, and good times to come.

With the recent revelation that the UK may be closer to re-opening our venues than we thought, this capsules is giving one last push to help some of our country's most well-loved venues make it through these final stages. The prints, which range from Phonox to The Cause, The Pickle Factory, Printworks, FOLD, and everywhere in-between, are on sale now, and can be purchased here — with 40% of the total profits going to the NTIA, to be distributed accordingly. 

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