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Sonos unveils Roam: The top versatile bluetooth speaker of the year

As one of the leaders in WiFi-enabled listening devices, Sonos has announced they are getting even more mobile with the release of Roam - a versatile Bluetooth speaker for on-the-go users featuring a 10-hour battery life or can auto-connect to your home WiFi system to sync up with your existing Sonos speaker network. Roam has a starting price set at $169 and will ship out on April 20th, yet customers can visit the Sonos website now to place Preorders right away. 

Never one to sacrifice sound quality, this small speaker still contains the explosive and crystal clear sound that many listeners have to expect from the Sonos brand. The IP67 rating makes sure that the Roam speaker is sealed from dust and fully waterproof for those looking to allow users to be a bit more adventurous with where they bring it.

Like me, for those who have felt limited or restricted to enjoying music over your home Sonos due to the need for WiFi connectivity, the Bluetooth with auto-Wifi connectivity is certainly a game-changer. A major con has always been the inability to play YouTube videos or funny social media videos through my mobile device and have them play out via my home Sonos system. The new Bluetooth-enabled device that automatically connects to the home WiFi network may serve as the solution to this issue. Our team will update this post once the device has been reviewed to confirm. 

Either way, Roam is looking to be a major step forward for the Sonos brand as they look to properly dominate the audio products space. As a follow-up to the Bluetooth-enabled Sonos Move device announced in 2019, Roam provides a worthy alternative for fans of the JBL Pulse ($249) or the UE Boom 3 ($149) looking to throw a small speaker in their bag but aren't willing to spend top dollar for a device with a single-serve purpose. The opportunity to fully integrate Roam's ($169) WiFi capabilities with the rest of your home network devices helps create a truly versatile product that's affordable in price and can sit beside you at both your home office desk or on a blanket in the park. 




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