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Steve Lacy’s unreleased music set to be uploaded to SoundCloud

Steve Lacy announced that he will be gifting fans with The Lo-Fis, a collection of unreleased tracks produced while he was in high school. Among the music to be released are leaks, unreleased demos, and instrumentals.

Since releasing his debut album, Apollo XXI, Lacy proved himself more than capable of creating quality work outside of his success with The Internet. Apollo XXI cemented Lacy’s instrumental range and reintroduced his vocal capabilities, which was also teased with more frequent vocal appearances on The Internet’s most recent album Hive Mind.

Considering The Lo-fis will be dated back to his youth, the compilation may have a similar essence to the style seen on his 2017 EP Steve Lacy’s Demo. Notably, his earlier sound was a mellow take on R&B with candid, yet intensely alluring lyricism. This period of his career was marked by an impressive practice of producing his beats on an iPhone with the music app GarageBand, while maintaining a studio-grade quality, an impressive feat that was a glimpse of the young artists’ growing potential.

Lacy’s announcement was met with heavy anticipation from fans who were excited to learn that some of their favorite leaks will be accessible to stream officially. The Lo-Fis will be available on Dec. 4.

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