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Close Up & Blood Records present 'What's Going On?' to save UK music venues

Close Up & Blood Records(+ friends) present What’s Going On?, an initiative to publicize and procure extra funding for the Music Venues Trust’s ‘Save Our Venues’ campaign.

In an effort to alleviate the immediate threat of closure faced by more than 800 music venues across the UK due to the COVID crisis, Close Up and Blood Records have produced a very special, limited edition, coloured compilation vinyl featuring B-sides, demos, remixes, and more from some of the country’s most reputed indie electronic artists such as PEACE, Marsicans, Gengahr, Connie Constance, among others.

Aligning the efforts to save music venues across the UK with mental health support and anti-racism , the profits earned by the campaign will be shared across various organisations.  From the overall profit, 90 % will be going to MVT and the remaining 10 % of profits being split evenly between BAME charities in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and musically-aligned mental health charities via L;FE—an outfit that assists many mid-level mental health charities by donating ideas & essential funding to the absolute front line of the battle against mental distress. 

Save the venues, save the heart and soul of the British music culture. Support the cause by purchasing the vinyl here.


  1. PEACE - From Under Liquid Glass (Live at Symphony Hall)
  2. FLYTE - Room With A View (Demo)
  3. whenyoung - Never Let Go (Video Blue Remix)
  4. Little Comets - Lost Time (Demo)
  5. Connie Constance - Gran Torino
  6. Abbie Ozard - Clouds
  7. Sad Boys Club - Murderwood
  8. Gengahr - Broken Wings (Demo)
  9. The Night Cafe - Thinking
  10. Jerry Williams - Jeane (The Smiths, Cover)
  11. Marsicans - Can I Stay Here Forever (Pt. 1)
  12. JAWS - Untitled

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