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Rough Trade NYC to reopen amidst COVID-19crash

Rough Trade's iconic New York location has announced plans to reopen June 24th at noon following its temporary closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Brooklyn-based record store, label, and concert venue is the final of the five Rough Trade locations, all of which have successfully restarted operation. While the brand and this address specifically is an established mecca for physical music consumption, even the big guys aren't safe these days. Following news that Amoeba's original Hollywood location would be permanently closing its doors, the idea of losing the country's most treasured record markets has become increasingly real. 


The organizers of Record Store Day told Rolling Stone up to 80% of record stores across the country have had to close their doors completely in respect for the quarantine, although many of them are able to continue accepting orders or sell in another capacity. This unprecedented hit comes at a time when streaming is the preferred vehicle for music consumption and while vinyl sales have trended positively, the massive losses recorded in the past four months have proven to be too much for many retailers. Record stores not only provide a tangible component and more active experience to pair with your favorite music but also work to support local artists. Losing the ability to sell record locally and have reliable venues is detrimental to the creative community as a whole. 

In the meantime, independent record stores and major corporations alike continue to combat fiscal losses. Record Store Day, physical music's biggest profit margin, has been rescheduled to drop releases August 29th, September 26th, and October 24th. Check out this year's selected releases here.



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