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LA rapper Elijah Daniel extends his kindness to the country’s most vulnerable communities

When the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic first hit the nation, internet-satirist-superstar-turned-rapper Elijah Daniel,  reached out to music manager Jen Stein, who was already working on her own Coronavirus response plan, to team up on relief efforts in Los Angeles, which is home to one of the largest homeless populations in the US. Today, their CULT for GOOD Project is working to protect one of the country’s most vulnerable communities by distributing supplies to the homeless. 

“This started as something small, for Los Angeles, with one mission, to protect everyone,” Elijah Daniel said - whose latest release The Final Album was named Billboard’s first #1 independent album of the decade. “And the response from everyone has been so incredible that it’s shocking, seeing so many people step up, and selflessly want to help others is such a relief from everything bad in the world right now. And because of them, we are able to continue that mission, but for all of America. People over politics. People over profit. Protect everyone.”

This is what the world needs right now. As many musicians and celebrities look to provide comfort in various ways, Daniel is getting his hands dirty (technically sanitized) and providing direct help to those in need. There's no self-promotion with this, just one human helping out another human during a truly unprecedented time.

The project have expanded their work beyond the Los Angeles area, to bring more than 200,000+ supplies to other parts of California such as San Diego, San Francisco & Sacramento. They currently are in the process of gathering up supplies and loading trucks to make their way to Phoenix and Las Vegas next. 

The entire team involved with this project is truly creating a heartwarming and inspiring movement. For those interested in getting involved,  you can now donate directly to the CULT for GOOD project through the donation link provided below or by purchasing merch with profits that go directly into their relief efforts. Donations collected go to the CULT for GOOD with more supplies, and to help bring CULT Relief trucks to more cities throughout the United States.

CULT for GOOD Donation


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