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COLLiDE on Rainey is a can't-miss for any SXSW attendee

For almost ten years now, hordes of SXSW attendees and music aficionados flock to Rainey Street in search of the hottest events and top performances in town. And that small Austin, TX corridor will be home once again to the dominative takeover of COLLiDE on Rainey —a network of one-of-a-kind music events featuring various innovative brands and a diverse lineup of up-and-coming talent. Going on from Saturday, March 14, through Friday March 20, over 15o different acts will perform at various Rainey Street venues including Lustre Pearl, Bangers, Clive Bar, Drafting Room, Container Bar, and Idle Hands.

Founded by Alan Miller (co-founder of Filter Magazine), COLLiDE is a multi-faceted agency that champions creativity and culture by producing various forms of events, festivals, and editorial content. As a well-respected veteran of the industry, Miller has built a team of world-class talent whom we've come to admire being a part of the media industry family. And their unending passion for putting on meaningful events has helped make Rainey Street one of the most highly-trafficked hotbeds for music during SXSW. It has also provided an opportunity to deliver intentional partnerships in events that not only promote their brands but add value to the entertainment industry and credibility to the overall conference.

Journeying past the expected long conference lines and packed streets of starry-eyed tourists, everyone still returns to Rainey during SXSW for the high production value, unique brand activations, and the carefully crafted lineups they have come to trust with COLLiDE. And by the looks of the events and artists already announced, it's looking to be another great year for #CollideonRainey. Check out all this year's offerings below:



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