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Future Primitive announces details for summer programming in Los Angeles

The events thrown at Gin Ling Way, an alleyway full of shops, restaurants and open space in Los Angeles's Chinatown, have been a defining trait of summers in Los Angeles since the late 2010's. Featuring events thrown by DJ Tennis, and the notable Rumors with Guy Gerber, these events were helmed by the folks at Future Primitive, a production company made up of Adam Gold and Craig Pettigrew. Launching in 2018, Future Primitive has made a stamp on the LA dance music scene, bringing elements of electronic music events across the globe to intimate events at venues entrenched in local culture.

Today, Future Primitive has announced a lineup of events for summer 2020, including Rumors with Guy Gerber and DJ Harvey, Paradise in the Park with Jamie Jones, along with additional shows at Gin Ling Way. You can find dates below, with further information surely to be revealed as they approach.

Future Primitive 2020 season and dates:

  • May 2, Rumors with Guy Gerber and DJ Harvey, Gin Ling Way
  • May 30-31, Paradise In The Park, Pershing Square
  • June 27, DJ Tennis & Gerd Janson, Gin Ling Way
  • September 26, Keinemusik, Gin Ling Way

For more on Future Primitive, head to their Facebook page or their Instagram


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