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H.E.R uses her mysterious energy to give back to charity 

It’s not every day that we see artists use their branding to uplift underprivileged groups. Many of us can spot the R&B vocalist H.E.R from her recognizable mysterious aura, mainly because she’s constantly masking herself behind huge glasses to shift our focus from her face to her music. Well, it worked: at the young age of 22, H.E.R has become a music icon with countless recognizable accomplishments including launching her own music festival and winning two Grammy's. "Every year something has been crazy and new that I did not expect to accomplish so soon." she shares with EARMILK. "The Grammy’s were one thing, but then my festival was another. The list goes on and on and there are many things I am proud of."

This week the Grammy-award winning artist launched H.E.R x DIFF, the first eyewear collection by H.E.R with a charitable element. Beyond selling tons of stylish looking frames, she has leveraged her platform to give back to communities across the globe. Through her partnership with DIFF Charitable Eyewear, every pair of glasses sold goes to empowering at-risk women to lift them and their families out of poverty. The proceeds from this collaboration with DIFF Charitable Eyewear will also go to developing a nursery and primary school in Uganda. Check out more about H.E.R’s charitable acts with DIFF Eyewear below.

Shop H.E.R’s collection here.

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Connect with DIFF Eyewear: Website

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