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Introducing "she.grows" at shesaid.so's new "MEETSSS" conference, a mini-mentoring scheme supported by YouTube Music

To celebrate five years since launch, the now global network, shesaid.so HQ have been working hard ahead of their new international inaugural conference MEETSSS. Taking place in Portimão, Portugal on October 3-6 2019 guest speakers include Georgia Taglietti (Sonar Festival), Maria May (CAA), Vanessa Bakewell (Facebook/Instagram), Shakira Payne (Sonos), Ben Turner (Graphite/International Music Summit) and more, as well as music showcases featuring artists such as Deena Abdelwahed, Mafalda and Surma. Buy tickets here.
In 2017 shesaid.so launched "she.grows", a peer-to-peer mentoring programme for women in the UK music industry. The scheme has helped a total of 142 women to date and is set to expand in other European
territories. Today, however we're announcing their flagship "she.grows" inspired project at MEETSSS, a mini-mentoring scheme supported by YouTube Music. As part of this partnership, shesaid.so are targeting five Mentor/Mentee pairs to take part in a series of mentoring activities throughout the event. The five Mentors will be selected from the MEETSSS speaker and delegate list, while Mentees will be selected via an open call. “she.grows at MEETSSS” will feature a mentorship panel as part of the official conference schedule, as well as a series of private and semi-private activities for the selected Mentor/Mentee pairs.
The five Mentors are designated from the MEETSSS speaker and delegate list, while Mentees will be selected via an open call targeted at women, trans and non-binary people. Two of the Mentee slots are reserved for residents of Portugal, while the remaining will be offered to potential attendees based in Europe. Each Mentee will receive a delegate pass, accommodation for 3 nights, and travel (please note, applicants don’t have to be EU residents however shesaid.so are only able to cover European flights). Find out more here.
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