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Apple Music launches "New Music Daily" playlist

Apple Music has launched a curated playlist for new music releases, New Music Daily. Replacing its weekly updated Best of the Week playlist, New Music Daily will include Apple's picks for what's next at a speed that will keep up with the immense - and growing - number of new digital releases each week, by keeping the playlist up to date daily, instead of weekly, like its seeming competition, Spotify's New Music Friday.

The company explains in their official announcement, "The cadence of music delivery has changed and now with streaming, artists can drop new tracks for fans whenever they feel like it - and they do!  Which means we are always hard at work programming all of our playlists with new music, and the New Music Daily playlist provides the ultimate opportunity for fans to discover new music in real time."

Launching with the face of Taylor Swift as she releases her new album, the playlist is available now.

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