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New Norwich based experience "Wild Paths Festival" announces its debut line-up

Norwich is a surprising, and yet consistent source of incredible independent music. Truly one of the great epicentres of amazing music in the East of the England. Some of the best, and yet relatively unheard indie acts sprung forth from the cities bustling pubs and DIY venues. Frankly to name a few; King Laconic, Wooden Arms and Grenouilles associated with the magical Bare Feet Records.

However for the first time in its history, a city-wide music festival is launching in Norwich with a different purpose. Core aims are to bring artists of both national and international notoriety to the music loving mass. As a result we at EARMILK are extremely excited to introduce Wild Paths Festival to our listeners. Wild Paths will be held over 18-20th in October 2019 with a pre-party at Norwich Arts Centre on the 17th. Brought forward thanks to Arts Council Funding as well as numerous other partners. Initial confirmations are excellent artists such as José González and Rosie Lowe. 


But hold tight! There's lots more to come. Not just in the form of music as well, but also conferencing and discussion panels featuring key figures from different sectors of the music industry. Seriously, Wild Paths Festival is shaping up to be a flagship event, which helps highlight Norwich as a contributive source of good quality live music. If you are (like us) interested in tickets, early bird tickets have unfortunately sold out, however 1st release weekend and VIP weekend passes are now available to buy here. For new line-up announcements and festival based questions, we recommend keeping an eye out on their socials listed below.

Connect with Wild Paths Festival: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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