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Witness the magic of music production with Joel Culpepper and Swindle [Video]

We usually experience songs as completed products. We wait patiently as our favorite artists work over their material countless times, tweaking, nudging, and mixing until they are finally ready to let it go into the world like a child coming of age. Only then do we the public get exposed to the polished versions of these songs that were nurtured for hours, months, and sometimes even years. Red Bull Music has been producing workshops to give fans a closer look into the astounding process of music creation with the series Red Bull Music Studios Live. Host Toddla T sits in with artists at Red Bull Music Studios London as they compose a song or remix a preexisting one. The most recent video in the series features the dynamic vocalist Joel Culpepper teaming up with star producer Swindle.

Culpepper and Swindle are certainly not strangers, having worked together on Culpepper's track "Woman," which was made into A COLORS SHOW, as well as his most recent single  "Caroline No," which was featured on EARMILK. Swindle is still riding high from his recent groundbreaking album No More Normal. The two artists have an undeniable synergy that is put on full display in the Red Bull video. In an unprecedented event, the video went live on Facebook for almost 90 minutes on Thursday, during which time they created a track from scratch, taking input from fans online along the way to make decisions and help shape the direction of the music. It's a rare glimpse behind the curtain of music production and anyone who missed it live can watch it below in all its glory.

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