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Amazon customers can now get products delivered directly to lockers at Coachella

You're not seeing things: you are seeing the image included with this article correctly, it is indeed an image from Coachella from 2018 with an Amazon locker rendered in the grass. It was included in the official announcement sent out from the e-commerce corporation this week, announcing that Amazon Lockers will be available on the grounds of this year's Coachella Music and Arts Festival. That means if you're an Amazon customer, you can order whatever you might need for delivery during the festival for same-day delivery for no extra cost.

This is the first kind of convenience of its time, and to help "inspire" festival goers, Amazon will also curate an online storefront with a selected assortment of "festival-inspired" products.

To learn more about Amazon's Coachella products, head to their landing page for the event. 

To learn more about Amazon Lockers, head here.


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