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MUTEK San Francisco announces 2018 lineup

The iconic electronic festival MUTEK has released the lineup for their debut San Francisco installation taking place in 9 different venues across the city on May 3-6. Known for delivering some of the best in underground techno, this not-for-profit organization will bring their unique mixture of imaginative audio-visual art along with top-notch performances from artists like Aux 88, Christopher Willits, Matias Aguayo and many more. Participating venues in the city include: California Academy of Sciences, Bimbo’s 365 Club, Herbst Theatre, Mezzanine, Gray Area Grand Theater, San Francisco Mint, The Midway, and this year's MUTEK headquarters will be located at Heron Arts. The complete MUTEK.SF artist lineup includes:

214 (US) / 8ULENTINA (US) / artificiel (Alexandre Burton & Julien Roy) (CA) / Article C (US) / Bézier (US) / Austin Cesear (US) / Aux 88 (US) / Braille & Chelley Sherman (US) / Brian Reinbolt (US) / Christina Chatfield (US) / Christopher Willits (US) / Convextion (US) / Craig Dorety (US) / Debit & Giselle Zatonyl (MX+AR) / DIBIA$E (US) / Equiknoxx (JM) / Erik van der Molen (US) / Foozool (US) / Francesco Tristano feat. Derrick May (LU+US) / Galaxy 2 Galaxy (US) / Greg Zifcak (US) / Indy Nyles (US) / Jackie House (US) / Jesse Woolston (NZ) / Joanie Lemercier (FR) / Joey Verbeke & Yağmur Uyanık (US+TR) / Jonathan Beilin & Magnus Pind (US+DK) / King Most (US) / Kyoka (JP) / Last Faith Studio & Subpac (US) / Lee Gamble (UK) / Marpi (US) / Matias Aguayo (CL) / Moritz von Oswald (DE) / Night Sea (US) / Nonotak (FR/JP) / Only Now (US) / Orphx (CA) / Perera Elsewhere (UK) / Roche (US) / rRoxymore & Trece Cielos (FR+MX) / Russell E.L. Butler (US) / Secret Sidewalk (US) / Siete Catorce & Pecoo (MX) / Solar & C.L.A.W.S. (US) / Telefon Tel Aviv (US) / Tim Hecker (CA) / Topazu (US) / Vague Terrain (US) / Watkins & Peacock (US) / Woulg & Push 1 Stop (CA)

According to the site: Performances are organized into four distinct series: Digi Lab, which presents panel discussions and technical education; A/Visions, which presents large-scale audiovisual works in a variety of venues; Nocturne, which presents forward-thinking live electronic music in a club context; and Experience, which features mixed indoor-outdoor programming in a day-into-night setting.

For more information and tickets, please visit: MUTEK.SF official website



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