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Watch Alan Walker's third episode of his 'Unmasked' series

Alan Walker has very quickly risen to fame with his infectious melodies, catchy rhythms, and colossal collaborations and performances. Walker's immediate growth came from his highest streamed track "Faded" on NoCopyrightSounds, which now has more than 3 billion cumulative streams. 

Walker's new vlog series, Unmasked, has provided fans a behind the scenes snapshot into the critically acclaimed Norwegian dance-pop producer's life. The third installment of the Unmasked series has been unveiled, and we're provided with a glimpse of the producer's early career. Walker also shares a few of his baby pictures, his passion for music and producing it for the love it and not for the money. Walker's father shared the following in the third Unmasked episode: 

“It took a while before it dawned on me that my son was actually making music. When Alan came up to me and said someone wants to sign him, that thought was very hard to comprehend. He was more introvert, lacking self-confidence. With the music, he gained confidence.”

Walker will also be joining Kygo on his Kids In Love Tour in both the United States and Canada. 

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