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Pleasurekraft slated to release debut album 'Friends, Lovers, & Other Constellations' on February 23rd

Techno rebels Pleasurekraft are slated to release their debut album, Friends, Lovers, & Other Constellations on February 23rd on Kraftek Music. Their success rests on the heels of their Nagelbett EP, which produced the original mixes that are building the momentum for the debut album. The group was also widely acclaimed for their '7 Year Itch' re-work of "Tarantula."

While Pleasurekraft is definitely rooted in a niche electronic genre, their talent (plus a renewed interest in techno and other smoky club dance genres) will likely place Friends, Lovers, & Other Constellations at the forefront. The group has adequately dubbed their sound "cosmic techno," but their sound is less spacey than it is tough, atmospheric and melodic. Check out the full track list below and listen to the "Maskara" mix, which will be featured on the forthcoming LP. 

'Friends, Lovers & Other Constellations' Track List

  1. Interiors
  2. The Day The Earth Stood Still 
  3. Rigel
  4. G.O.D Part 1
  5. G.O.D Part 2
  6. Lagrange Point
  7. Corpse Reviver Number 1
  8. Maskara
  9. Bellatrix
  10. The Razor's Edge 
  11. Last Transmission 

Connect with Pleasurekraft: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud 

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