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Mixcloud releases 2017's top streaming habits by state and country

As 2017 comes closer to an end, we're beginning to see a picture of what the music industry looked like through this year as various companies release their year-end stats. And this week's most notable hindsight study comes from streaming platform Mixcloud, known most for its offering of mix and radio shows. 

One of the ways Mixcloud has evaluated their user data is not in growth or otherwise, but in its user behavior. Specifically, the team behind the platform looked at its users' behavior by geographical means. The results are more than interesting, showing us a breakdown of how we search and the type of music we listen to in the US as well as around the world. Here, we see that hip hop rules in places like New York and Texas, chillout reigns in Colorado, and then more interestingly, the rise of reggae in California and ambient in places like Oklahoma and Louisiana. Funny enough, tropical house rules in Hawaii, and like in other cold weather countries, Alaska loves trance music.

The worldwide trends are also indicative of the current state of the world, as US listeners are interested in politics and those in Brazil love their samba. Australians are seemingly prepping for a race searching for "training," and we'll be doing some investigating on what "stargazing" means for Russians and "hardtek" in France. See the above and below illustrations for more information.

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