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Zola Blood showcase phenomenal "Get Light" video and announce visual remix opportunity [video premiere]

For those unfamiliar with London 4-piece Zola Blood it's high time that changed. "Get Light" is a truly mesmerising watch. Beautifully minimal, cursive, and as responsive and engaging as true cymatics - the art is so wonderfully alive from the sound; it breathes. Directed by audiovisual artist Jerobeam Fenderson using an Oscilloscope; there's an hyper-connectedness that transcends across the sound to the visuals, resolutely further capturing something infinitely human about the song's blend of acoustic and electronic instrumentation. 

"Get Light" which is lyrically about the sweet, slow goodbye of falling into a relationship, and holding on to the fire that started it; is musically harnessed by plucked piano chords, laying the sparse foundation for a bittersweet melody, which crescendos into a blur of strings and euphoric guitars. EARMILK is honoured to premiere the mind-blowing visuals for "Get Light"; the final single from Infinite Games (now available digitally on iTunes, and as limited run CDs and vinyl on their Bandcamp). 

It's not the first time EARMILK has been impressed with the band's inventive, pioneering DIY attitude, and to further mark the release Zola Blood are inviting fans to get involved, by making a video remix of the track.  Simply download the Oscilloscope app, load in the specialised Oscilloscope audio file below and experiment with the scale, colour, and afterglow to create your own unique visual accompaniment. Once happy with the imagery mute the oscilloscope audio and play "Get Light" over the top.

Oscilloscope app: https://asdfg.me/osci/ 
Oscilloscope audio: http://bit.ly/2uuWViZ 

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