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RZA unearths previously untold Wu-Tang stories and production secrets

In an already-released interview with London-based music technology company ROLI, the Wu-Tang Clan's chief producer RZA revealed both production trade secrets and never-before-told Wu-Tang stories while promoting his exclusive BLOCKS/NOISE sound pack.

In more specifics, he spoke about how he used the sounds of NYC to enhance his production, and he told a great story about crafting "Bring Da Ruckus", the opening track off of the clan's debut album classic Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

When we was making a song called "Bring Da Ruckus", we took the snare and we put it in an elevator shaft and recorded it. And that gave us that boom, boom.

That concept carried over to countless Wu-Tang records, helping to forge the connection between gritty east coast hip hop and the far east landscapes of Shaolin. In his closing statement, RZA explained how that grit has been lost in hip-hop culture.

Sometimes I do think when I listen to the radio and I listen to music, I do miss some of the grit. I miss some of the grit. This is my first soundpack, I'm striving to give more, but I think this puts a spoonful of grit back into it.

Watch the video above and download/purchase BLOCKS & NOISE below.

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