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DJs weigh in on the beauty of an extended set [Short Film]

If you're a fan of dance music, you know there are two differing options for shows you can attend. There is the festival set, a usually one hour-ish long endeavor - a quickie, if you will. Then there are the extended sets, usually in a club setting, that clock in at 4 hours or longer. Two totally different experiences, all executed with the same mantra of getting you as the attendee to dance. But if you're old school, you know the true difference between the two scenarios: the "wham bam thank you ma'am" of the former, and the true artistry and tact required for the latter. 

We always hear these mantras, as shows with extended sets become more coveted and long-lasting in our experiences. That time you saw Markus Schulz or Eric Prydz DJ that special extended set is burned in your memory. But for many DJ's, the extended set is the preferred method, their preferred way to let their fans experience their music and their vision. Though not always readily available for booking, the extended set lets the DJ tell a story, read the crowd, work with them on movement and monitoring the energy in the room.

On the heels of announcing a new tour allowing for such performances, UK tech house veteran Mark Knight has created a short film detailing the nuances of the extended set from a DJ's perspective. Employing friends like Roger Sanchez, Jonas Rathsman, Chus & Ceballos and Danny Tenaglia, the film explores the - dare we say it - ups and downs of creating an unforgettable house experience. 

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